Applications are now being accepted for summer art workshops. 
An Art Affair Gallery and Art Space is pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for summer art workshops.  The number of students per class is limited, so as to allow for personalised instruction. The classes in acrylic painting without a brush,   creating decorative papers, making art postcards and acrylic color mixing will be taught by an experienced artist and art teacher at our wonderfully restored 1932 farmhouse studio in Glendale.


Your instructor has a master’s degree from the University of Arizona, and 12 years experience teaching art in a wide variety of locations in the Valley, including the West Valley Art Museum,  Glendale Community College, Phoenix College, Shemer Art Center and the Phoenix Art Center.


The classes which will run for 3 hours will cost $30 and will be offered   in morning afternoon and evening. Pleases give your preferred time and day of the week when replying, as we are currently putting the schedule together.



Permit yourself to go beyond the traditional- give yourself permission to explore, to create with no limits or preconceived notions.   Paint with no restrictions, as you open yourself up to the myriad of wonderful items which can be used to create your personal vision. The only limits are of your own imagination.

 The items we’ll use to apply paint will include, but aren’t limited to, tools to stamp, spray, pour, splatter, dab, drip, dot, print…  Be prepared to have fun, experiment, get messy and leave the workshop with exciting new ideas and techniques you can incorporate into your own artwork.


Ever have the frustrating experience of doing a painting and running out of a particular color of paint which you need? Or wanting to use just a bit of a color and not needing an entire bottle of it?  Do you wish you could buy every color of paint you see at the art supply store?

 In this fun class you’ll learn how a limited number of paints can be used to create a virtually unlimited palette.  You’ll save time, money and best of all you’ll have the confidence you need to paint freely, knowing you can mix what you need when you need it with paints you already have.

 Whether you prefer to paint landscapes, portraits, abstracts or anything else, this class will provide you with valuable tools you can use  in any artwork you do.


Would you like to have access to an unlimited supply of one of a kind, uniquely decorated papers which can be used in artwork, crafts, collage, mixed media, altered books, scrap booking or anything else you can think of- without breaking your budget?

You’ll learn simple techniques you can use which make it possible for you to have and incorporate papers no one else has, in your work.

 In this workshop we’ll start with plain white tissue (craft or gift-wrap variety) and transform it into something very special by using acrylic paints, gesso and gloss medium.

Each resulting piece of decorated paper will be distinctive, durable and as unique as you, its creator is.    


Mail art is growing rapidly in popularity, and now you can participate and create your own unique works of art- in miniature- to keep or to send.

We will use 4×6 watercolour postcards and working with paints, drawing material and collage elements, create mini works of art.


An Art Affair Coordinator


Jane Cooper