ACT NOW!

        ACT NOW!


  As of Oct 6, 2009 the wonderful slide show will still be available to purchase on an individual basis,  for the outstanding value of $50 each.
Fund raising can still be arranged. However it will  require  a minimum purchase of 12 or more individual orders within your organization to benefit from the offer of 
40% return on all slide show sales to  art group members as a fund raiser for your art group.

 Check with your fellow artists to see how they value their  Slide Show Links



I know some times it feels like artists are asked to give until it hurts but this is offering them something useful in return

An Art Affair Gallery would like to offer an opportunity for your organization to earn money for your treasury and/or special fund raiser, and provide a unique artistic signature  for your members.

Your members can have an individual slide show of their work, to use as an email signature, for entering  art shows, or to feature their work on the group site.

  Example: Use as a signature


 B Love

Click on link or copy and paste in browser


Example: Use as a mini gallery

Click on link or copy and paste in browser


The slide show can also serve as a mini gallery for your group web site without slowing up loading time due to an excessive numbers of images.

A picture of the group member, a photo of their art and a link to an individual, personal slide show can provide each person with 12 additional images of their work without  the need to have all the pictures themselves on the site. This means all the members of the group could have a link(s)) to their individual slide show(s) and have their work accessible on the site, without clogging the pages or making loading time excessively slow.

The cost is $50 for 12 images per slide show…$20 per order will be returned to your organization. You receive a wonderful mini gallery of your work and your organization receives a $20  donation per order.

All I need are up to 12 images on a CD,(Per slide show more than one slide show may be purchased) the name you want on the slide show, an email address and ( if you have it) web site address and $50 to get started.

 This is being hosted by AZ Imaging and Kevin Crosse , as a community service.

I can supply references and testimony of usefulness of links if you would llike.


B Love


 FAQ concerning the ART LINKs

The offer is being made by .An Art Affair..the images are stored on AZ Imaging’s FTP

 I work for AZ Imaging I have for the last 11 years, since it’s beginning- serving as Photographer, image processor. also involved in marketing and sales, It is a virtual tour company for the Real Estate Market.  My boss Kevin Crosse has allowed me as a sideline to promote the arts in this fashion by hosting the links formed with the photo images of the artist work. thus the Slide show presentations. I call ART LINKs.


The ART links are stored on his FTP( File Transfer Protocol) A protocol used to transfer files over a Internet

The slide show Links are on AZ Imaging’s server. 

 In simplest terms, that’s like a business version of your personal hard drive. Until you link the slide show  to your personal web site, or group site, or wherever you decide to- the images basically are not out in public, any more than the contents of your personal hard drive are.

It is just a holding space .AZ Imaging is offering this space Free of Charge as a community service to promote the arts ..thus keeping the cost low.


My Business is An Art Affair. 

There are 2 people involved in the editing of the images and processing the html.. this cost has been kept to the bare minimum.

We will try to have all images processed within 3 days upon receive of them…probably sooner.

Once I give the link to the person that paid for it is up to them to put it where they want to.

Every where they want to….security is then their problem.


How secure is anything on the Internet..?

There are no guarantees in life!..

It’s only images…

What good is art if nobody sees it?


The whole idea is…of a mini gallery to show off 12 images per ART Link  with your name, email and web site information.

.A Brag book of sorts.. and I will then refund $20 back to the club per order as a fund raiser..

The incentives being:  

This was my suggestion to speed up the load time for getting a large amount of images to load,  FAST, on one’s web site and to give credit and contact info for the artist participating

A simple, fast, uniform and profession look to a web site.

I could price this for individual artist but Clubs need funds to do their own promoting.

I know some times it feels like artists are asked to give until it hurts but this is offering them something useful in return- a unique artistic signature for your group members.

I think it a WIN, WIN, WIN situation for every one involved!


….I promise to honor the artist and their work.

I’m a artist and have the same concerns.

  What anyone does with their LINKS ..that is up to the artist.

 Jane used her links to enter art shows like placing her work on this web site..

 Why would an artist be afraid of change?…this is just a new way of doing something. To show off an artist’s work, imagination and dreams!


I wanted to benefit as many artists as possible in as many ways as possible.

It’s the best idea I have come up with…if anyone else has any better suggestions…I’m listening